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Save Small Businesses in Arizona: Getting Back to Work After COVID-19

The Paycheck Protection Program

I just read a letter from one of the largest banks in the word to a real estate agent who is struggling to stay in business. The real estate company had already spent a lot of time and energy filling out an unbelievable amount of paperwork, looking up and acquiring documents, and following complicated instructions given by the bank. There had already been weeks of back and forth.

The letter explained in a “legalese” manner that they had received the required information from the real estate agent. Yet, they needed a substantial number of additional documents and completed forms. The letter concluded by telling the real estate agent that unless the information was supplied, the business would not be eligible for the Paycheck Protection Program. I was appalled!

We Need to Save Small Businesses!

There are way too many hoops that small businesses have to jump through to get the assistance they need. NOW is the time to act! Yesterday was too late. We need to save our small businesses. Banks need to be held accountable for doing the right thing.

A Fast, Bipartisan Solution

If I am elected, I will move as fast as is humanly possible to get both sides of the aisle on board to save our small businesses and thereby save the economy. We need to put all partisanship aside. We can come back, and together we will!

If we fail to save Arizona businesses, there will be no forgiving and forgetting by the citizens, and that is only fitting. Small businesses must survive. We all need to do our part!

I know that so many of you fine people from Prescott, Prescott Valley, Cordes Lakes, Black Canyon City, Kirkland, and so many more places in Legislative District 1 are with me on this matter. Vote for Ed Cocchiolla, Republican candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives. You will be voting for saving the small businesses of Arizona!


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