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Conservative Republican Views

I’m running to give a voice to the everyday hardworking, God-loving Americans who want their government to work for them. I want lower taxes, less regulation and more freedom.


  • Lower taxes
  • Less regulation
  • Women’s rights
  • More freedom
  • The rights of property owners


  • Pro Life
  • Pro 2nd Amendment
  • Pro Law Enforcement
  • Pro Armed Forces and Veterans
  • Pro Family
  • Pro Women’s Rights
  • Pro Property Owners
  • Pro Secure Border
  • Pro AZ State Right
  • Pro Business


  • The NRA
  • The 2nd amendment
  • Funding for mental health programs
  • Equal pay for woman
  • The Bible as TRUTH
  • A strong secure border
  • Bringing Domestic Violence Awareness into the 21st century

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Veteran Issues | Ed Cocchiola for Arizona House LD1

Veteran Issues | Ed Cocchiola for Arizona House LD1

Arizona LD1 Cocchiola opens discussion: U.S. military veteran issues Nothing is too good for our Arizona veterans! These are our men and women who have placed themselves in harm’s way to protect our freedom and our very way of life. Stimulus Checks I am happy to...

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