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Most Important Issues Looking Ahead 

Today, I would like to discuss some of the most pressing items we face together as citizens of the Great State of Arizona. Although some of these matters are complicated and not without controversy, I believe you will clearly understand where I stand!

First Responders

First responders not only include law enforcement officers, firefighters, and medical professionals, but specialized teams like those involved in search and rescue. We have so much for which to be grateful when it comes to the hard work and courage of these fine men and women.

I know a fireman from Daisy Mountain who was injured on the job and now spends his time training guard and rescue dogs. People like this are the salt of the earth.

We can do much more for them, including both higher wages and more benefits.

Armed Teachers

Many of the mass shootings in our nation’s schools could have been prevented, or the loss of life limited, by having trained, armed teachers on staff. There should be at least three armed teachers at each school. These teachers should receive comprehensive training concerning the specific firearms they will have on hand. I also believe each school should employ two armed, retired law enforcement people on each campus as safety monitors. Finally, we should have metal detectors at the entry points of every educational facility. We can find a way to incorporate all of this into our budget. This is about the safety of our children!

Gun Buyback Programs

Frankly, the gun buyback programs I have seen are not only ineffective but downright fraudulent. In a Phoenix program, tennis shoes and gift certificates were given in exchange for the guns that were turned in. I know of two men who went to a scrap yard and acquired two old, hacked-up guns that could never be turned into usable weapons. They turned that in and came out loaded with new, trendy tennis shoes and gift certificates. I believe buyback operations are a mockery of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Decriminalizing Drugs

I am, and always will be, totally against the legalization of hard, street drugs like heroin and cocaine. Marijuana is a more complicated issue, and one we should discuss. On one hand, marijuana has been shown to have medical value for certain situations. For example, it has been effective in treating pain in cancer patients and in reducing the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. However, I think the medical marijuana program in Arizona needs an overhaul to reduce the profit margins involved. I will be aggressive in pursuing legislative action to do this.

I know that so many of you fine people from Prescott, to Prescott Valley, to Cordes Lakes, to Black Canyon City, to Kirkland, and so many more places in Legislative District 1 are with me on these issues. Vote for Ed Cocchiolla, Republican candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives, and you will be voting for safety and a better quality of life for all Arizonans!
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