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Coronavirus in the Military | Ed Cocchiola for House LD1 

“A strong military establishment is vital…”

to the protection and freedom of our citizens. Every day, men and women in uniform place themselves in harm’s way so that we might enjoy the very way of life we sometimes take for granted. The coronavirus/COVID-19 has affected the military as it has all sectors of our nation.

Our Leaders in the Armed Services Know Their Business

So what policies should be put in place for our military personnel during this pandemic of COVID-19? I am of the opinion the leaders in the Pentagon have the situation under control. From the Commander-in-Chief, down through the ranks, steps are being taken to ensure the protection of military and civilian lives. Those in our Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard know how to operate with precision at all times.

Military Travel Ban

For example, troops are prevented from taking leave outside their local areas. There are some exceptions granted for certain types of emergencies. The travel ban is designed to limit the spread of and potential exposure to COVID-19, a fact sheet stipulates, but  “…Exceptions may be given for compelling cases where the travel is: determined to be mission essential, necessary for humanitarian reasons, or warranted due to extreme hardship.” While commanders are allowed the broad authority to grant those exceptions, I believe that if they have erred, it has been on the side of caution, which should be the case.

Homecoming for Deployed Soldiers Delayed by Quarantine

Moreover, a mandatory 14-day quarantine is a measure meant to protect from the spread of COVID-19. Again, in my opinion our experts in the armed forces have everything under control: They know what they are doing, and they do it well.

America is Resilient

Not since December 7, 1941, with the attack on Pearl Harbor, have we faced such a crisis. We overcame together the ferocious war that followed. Progress is being made, and a cure and vaccine will come. We will prevail.

In conclusion, I am profoundly thankful for and support our men and women in uniform. I know that so many of you fine people in Prescott, to Prescott Valley, to Cordes Lakes, to Black Canyon City to Kirkland, and so many more places in Legislative District 1 are with me. Vote for Ed Cocchiolla, Republican candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives, and you will be voting for freedom!

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