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Mental Health Ranking

Arizona Ranks 36th for Mental Health

According to Mental Health America’s survey of 2020, Arizona ranks 36th among all the states in providing access to mental health care. The Access Ranking indicates how much access to mental health care exists within a state. The access measures include access to insurance, access to treatment, quality and cost of insurance, access to special education, and workforce availability. A high Access Ranking indicates that a state provides relatively more access to insurance and mental health treatment.

The 9 measures that make up the Access Ranking include:

  • Adults with Any Mental Illness Who Did Not Receive Treatment
  • Adults with Any Mental Illness Reporting Unmet Need
  • Those with a Disability Who Could Not See a Doctor Due to Costs
  • Adults with Any Mental Illness who are Uninsured
  • Youth with Major Depressive Episode Who Did Not Receive Mental Health Services
  • Youth with Severe Major Depressive Episode Who Received Some Consistent Treatment
  • Children with Private Insurance that Did Not Cover Mental or Emotional Problems
  • Students Identified with Emotional Disturbance for an Individualized Education Program
  • Mental Health Workforce Availability
  • A Mental Health Issue

36th place is not a good ranking!

So Many Problems

The need for quality mental health care is related to so many issues in Arizona and throughout our nation. Shootings often involve mentally disturbed people, and often medication is related. Alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic violence, divorces, and family problems are often the result of mental health problems.

Arizona Has Failed with Mental Health

Unfortunately, the great state of Arizona has failed to offer its residents access to good professional care for mental health problems. For some reason, Arizona does not appear to have either the ability or the will to raise the necessary funding to help people with our mental health-care system.

The Solution

If I am elected, I will do everything in my power to ensure necessary funding for good mental health care becomes available in our state. There are other places we can cut costs: but not at the expense of a substantial plan to provide access for all Arizonans to quality mental health care.

I know that so many of you fine people in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Cordes Lakes, Black Canyon City, Kirkland, and so many more places in Legislative District 1 are with me. Vote for Ed Cocchiolla, Republican candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives, and you will be voting for access for all to professional mental health treatment!
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