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I have lived in Arizona since 1957 — I love Arizona! To me Arizona represents beauty, freedom, and prosperity. I find the people of Arizona to be hard working folks who care about their state, their families, and their children.

I am a constitutionalist who loves his county, and his state. I respect and admire the men and women in the armed forces, and I want only the best for them. That goes for our vets who served so proudly to ensure our freedoms.

I am a life member of the NRA. I believe and cherish our 2nd amendment. Unfortunately, we don’t enforce the gun laws we currently have and so the politicians want to make more laws. Sadly, we don’t have a gun problem in Arizona, we have a mental health epidemic. Arizona ranks close to the bottom of out 50 states in mental health and yet not enough attention or funding is given to this issue or population of individuals.

I’ve worked in construction all of my life. I love to create and build things. I like to problem solve and work hard. I was proud of my time working for Bechtel construction helping to build Palo Verde for over decade. I met so many good people, who like me loved Arizona and saw the value in our states rights.

I am pro life and I am for woman’s rights. I believe in equal pay for woman.

I believe in the rights of property owners.

I believe in the Bible as TRUTH.

I believe in a strong secure border. We have to stop the flow of illegal activity and contraband coming across our border.

I ask for your support.

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