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Republican Candidate for Arizona Legislative District One

Ed Cocchiola is seeking to represent LD1 the way a true, solid, Arizona conservative should. He’s running to give a voice to the everyday hardworking, God-loving Americans who want their government to work for them.  Cocchiola wants lower taxes, less regulation, and more freedom.

Ed is:

  • A Constitutionalist
  • Pro Life
  • Pro 2nd Amendment
  • Pro Law Enforcement
  • Pro Armed Forces and Veterans
  • Pro Family
  • Pro Women’s Rights
  • Pro Property Owners
  • Pro Secure Border
  • Pro AZ State Right
  • Pro Business
  • Conservative Republican

Ed Supports:

Ed Cocchiola’s views on issues that matter to Northern Arizona

Principaled Leadership to Make Arizona Great Again

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About Ed Cocchiola

Living in Arizona since 1957, Ed Cocchiola loves the beauty, freedom, prosperity and the hard-working folks who care about Arizona, their families and children.

Cocchiola is a Constitutionalist who loves America and Arizona. He respects and admires the men and women that make up our armed forces as well as our veterans who have served so proudly to ensure our freedoms.

As a life member of the NRA, he cherishes our 2nd Amendment and supports enforcing the gun laws currently on the books rather than making more laws. Ed Cocchiola believes in and supports our states’ rights.

Having worked in construction much of his life including employment at Bechtel where he helped build Palo Verde, Cocchiola enjoys problem-solving and working hard to create and build.

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